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Tax Planning and Preparation

Experts in tax and financial management

Traditional tax ‘planning’ crunches numbers to illustrate ‘what-if’ scenarios based on future assumptions.  It gives clients dry numbers, in more detail than they need or want. But clients don’t want numbers. Clients want savings.

Our tax coaching service quizzes clients on their families and homes, jobs, businesses, and investments, then recommends specific strategies and concepts for saving tax.  We package those recommendations in plain English, to deliver the savings they really want.

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Personalized Proactive Tax Strategy

The process starts with your personalized ProActive Tax Strategy. Here’s how it works:

A Fort Worth CPA firm like Marty McCutchen, CPA P.C. can end up saving you not only a vast amount of time and frustration but a great deal of money as well. Request a FREE initial consultation today.

Our tax planning and tax preparation services include:

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